Smarter than your average lock

Access control systems using tokens/cards, PIN numbers, and/or fingerprint readers are designed to permit the free flow of authorised movement into any site, whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors. When it comes time for a staff member to leave for example – it is significantly easier to delete authorisation of an access token, than face the risk of having to rekey the entire premises.

With these systems you can control not only doors, but gates as well, using scheduling to restrict access after hours if desired.

That is not the only use for access control. There a huge variety of applications, such as gym/club memberships, or for businesses to monitor how long staff/clients are onsite, the list goes on.

We can provide you with advanced access system custom installations to suit your specific needs – using the latest hardware from the most reputable brands.

We offer easy software solutions for management of users and access tokens.

For your free, no obligation access quote and security consultation.


Beginning with one of our certified staff visiting your site, or assessing a building plan of the property. We assess the risk and probable areas of entry to provide a comprehensive, free no obligation quote detailing the degree of security required, pricing, and optimal layout of equipment. All in accordance with AS/NZS 4360:2004, NZS 4301:Part 1:1993, AS/NZS 3820:1998

All employees of Sutherland Security Centre Ltd, hold valid government approved security guard licences, including all admin staff and operators – ensuring that your privacy and security are maintained to the highest standard.