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We offer low cost, hassle free monitoring services, fully customisable to your needs, with no contracts involved and a minimum term of only 6 months.

Using the latest IP monitoring technology and world leading local New Zealand software, our monitoring station is based in Whangarei in a secure purpose built environment – with many backup features, so that no matter the situation, your monitoring will continue. Our local friendly staff all live in Northland, so they are familiar with the location of your property, meaning fast response time.

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The sound of an alarm going off is far from uncommon. The main issue is that we have become accustom to the noise – and do not react to alarms as we once would.

That’s where we come in – with our 24 hour fully managed Local Monitoring service. From a secure location in Whangarei we can monitor your alarm, making sure it is set within certain hours, keep track of who enters and exits, monitor medical pendants, respond to general activations and more – leaving you to concentrate on what’s important and not having to worry about your property.

Let us know if you are going away and we will change your monitoring settings over to a holiday mode, so that any activity whatsoever will alert us while your property is suppose to be vacant.

The advantages of a local monitoring service is clear, we are familiar with the areas that we monitor – and we don’t have a huge database of clients ranging nationally, meaning personalised and faster response service.

How Does it Work?

Alarm systems communicate via data link to our local monitoring station and communicates with our receivers. From there the operators will see the signals that the alarm sends received via computers, and take action as necessary depending on a set of guidelines that you provide.

Modern alarm systems communicate through the internet. This is done typically either by installing a module in your alarm panel and connecting it with a cable to your internet router, or by installing a module with a SIM card (like in a cellphone) so your alarm can communicate wirelessly, regardless of whether you have internet or not.

Smart Device Applications

Monitoring now allows for you take the next step in alarm interface and link via an app on your smart phone or tablet. This allows you to do things such as turning your alarm on and off remotely.

Certain configurations can be set up with an app that allows the alarm to send alerts directly to your phone with push notifications.

More than just Security Systems

Monitoring is not only limited to burglar alarm systems – there are many other things that we are able to monitor, such as Medical alarm pendants, Fire alarms, Temperature sensors for freezers, etc.

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All employees of Sutherland Security Centre Ltd, hold valid government approved security guard licences, including all admin staff and operators – this ensures that your privacy and security are maintained to a high standard.