Patrol Services

We offer fast local patrol response to alarm activations. Our patrols are always moving no downtime means allowing for the fastest patrol response. Our patrols are in constant direct communication with our local monitoring station operators providing response when required. Along with our local staff’s knowledge of northland we also have GPS systems to find the fastest route.

We offer fast local patrol response to alarm activations, our patrols are always moving meaning that there is no downtime allowing for the fastest patrol response.

Our Patrol Services

We offer many customisable solutions for your home or business, general bed-down checks, securing premises, checking vehicles – making sure alarms are set and doors/windows closed.
You can customise the level of service you require from random bed-down checks, full daily lock and unlocks and fence and yard checks.

Document Destruction

Our document destruction service is the best way to destroy any confidential, sensitive or competitive information. We can arrange for a secured document bin to be provided and emptied when required – we also allow drop in, allowing you to drop in items for destruction.

Both paper and non paper items such as computer tapes, video tapes, CDs, DVDs etc can be proccessed through document destruction, all shredding is done in compliance with NZSA standards.

Cash Services

We offer medium to low value cash movement services, secure cash transportation with fast processing and entirely customisable banking services, an ideal way to ensure staff safety by not having staff transporting large sums of money, but also an ideal way to lower the amount of cash being stored onsite, reducing the likelihood of break-in.

All employees of Sutherland Security Centre Ltd, hold valid government approved security guard licences, including all admin staff and operators – this ensures that your privacy and security are maintained to a high standard.