Frequently Asked Questions


1. Faults
2. Technical Changes
3. Moving
4. Locksmith
5. Billing


1. Faults

Why is my Alarm Beeping?

Typically this is because your alarm has detected a fault of some kind and is trying to make you aware of this. The alarm will stop beeping once you acknowledge the fault.

2. Technical Changes

I am having my copper phone line removed/moving over to fibre, will this effect my alarm?

That depends, if your alarm is still currently communicating through a copper phone or fax line, then the removal of that line will render the alarm unable to communicate.
If your system is running over an Internet based communication method you can safely remove your copper lines with no detriment to the alarm.

I am changing Internet provider, what will this do?

Depending on the configuration of your alarm monitoring (usually if your alarm is communicating through your router) the one thing we may need to do is change the static IP number in the alarm settings.

How much notice do you need?

It is preferable to have at least 1 week notice in order to ensure a technician can be scheduled to sort out any issues that may arise.

3. Moving Premises

I’m moving, what happens with the alarm?

Since you own the alarm, if you wanted there is nothing preventing you from having the alarm removed and installed at another premises, but you are best advised not too. You are going to leave holes where the equipment was for starters, which can have a negative effect on the value of the premises which was previously enhanced by having an alarm system. Next, the labour costs of having the alarm moved would get you halfway towards the price of having a new alarm installed in your next premises.

All things considered it is better to leave the alarm intact

I’m moving, what happens to my monitoring?

If you have monitoring – please get in contact with us so we can get a technician to disconnect monitoring for you.

Do I need to update my contact information with you?

If you are moving please advise us of any change of phone numbers, physical address and postal address changes by emailing

Can I transfer my monitoring to the new people moving in?

Yes, if the new owners want to take on the alarm monitoring it is possible to transfer this to them, please arrange a technician for a free demonstration of how the alarm works and to get their details.

The people moving into your old premises have to consider if they will have a phone line with internet or naked internet and when this will be up and running. If the existing alarm requires a phone line it may need to be updated.

I’m moving, how much notice do you need?

At least 1 week notice is preferable when moving so we can book in a technician visit to coincide with the change of ownership and update any monitoring information. Call us on 094388396 or email


4. Locksmith

Can you cut car keys? What about transponders?

There are only certain car keys that we can cut, generally these are for pre 2000, non-european cars.
We do not do automotive transponder keys.

5. Billing

Do you accept Credit Card?

We do not accept payments by credit card.

Can I pay my recurring charges by automatic payment?

Yes this is preferable.